Catapult is a shadow-dance company created by Adam Battelstein in 2008. The talented dancers use their skills to transform their bodies into seemingly impossible images. Performing behind a back-lit screen, the dancers work together to create scenes and tell stories. “I think we’re pushing the limits with the storytelling and finding out that it’s not just a magic trick, it’s about metaphor that resonates with an audience,” Battelstein said.

The company’s 2013 success in America’s Got Talent launched them onto the world stage. They now perform regularly across the US and worldwide to rave reviews.

They have worked with corporations, using their unique form of dance to communicate their clients’ messages. They also work with non-profits and educational institutions, notably with the YMCA helping to teach young people valuable lessons. Now that they reach a worldwide audience, they remain conscious of the message they transmit, aiming not only to entertain but also to amaze and inspire.

Come out and experience an evening of dance, movement and story-telling like no other!

Tuesday, January 17


Ruth Seaton James Auditorium

Wednesday, January 18


Ruth Seaton James Auditorium