Complexions Contemporary Ballet


Complexions was founded by two former Alvin Ailey members in 1994, its groundbreaking mix of methods, styles, cultures creating an entirely new and exciting vision of human movement. “Hailed as two of the greatest virtuosos ever to emerge from Ailey land” (NY Times), Artistic Directors Desmond Richardson and Dwight Rhoden have created an institution that offers a diversity in dance that encompasses the entire company from dancers to dances. Celebrating all forms of dance, they offer a repertoire that combines an eclectic mix of styles from ballet to hip hop. “In auditions we look for dancers who have a uniqueness and just happen to be Japanese and black or German and Chinese because that’s where America is at this time. It is those backgrounds that make up our United States. That’s the beauty of it — we’re all here now.” (Desmond Richardson)

Complexions has performed worldwide and on So You Think You Can Dance, US and Australia.

Don’t miss Complexions as they bring their unique form of dance to the Bermuda Festival.

Wednesday, February 22


Ruth Seaton James Auditorium

Thursday, February 23


Ruth Seaton James Auditorium