With support and encouragement from his parents, Joey’s musicianship and grasp of jazz fundamentals developed at a remarkable pace, and at age 8, he played for Herbie Hancock during the piano great’s visit to Indonesia. Joey later remarked to Hancock, “You told me that you believed in me, and that was the day I decided to dedicate my childhood to jazz.”

By the age of 11, Joey had won the first Master-Jam Fest in the Ukraine and had performed in Jakarta, Copenhagen and New York upon invitation from Wynton Marsalis. Since his family’s move to the US, Joey has performed solo and with the Joey Alexander Trio across the United States and worldwide.

His 2015 debut album, My Favorite Things, garnered two Grammy Award nominations, the youngest jazz artist ever nominated. His performances on the 58th Annual Grammy Awards broadcast received standing ovations from the star-studded audience, bringing his talent to the attention of music lovers everywhere and inspiring other young musicians to pursue their own dreams.

Do not miss the Joey Alexander Trio.
You will be amazed and enthralled by the sheer musicality of this group.

Saturday, January 21


Mid-Ocean Amphitheatre Fairmont Southampton