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Bermuda Festival of the Performing Arts Ltd.

P.O. Box HM 297
Hamilton HMBX
T: (441) 295-1291
F: (441) 295-7403

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Volunteer Opportunities

Backstage work gets you right in the thick of the action. Some technical work requires specialized knowledge and experience, but there are also opportunities for helping with costumes, properties, set moving etc. which require no previous experience. Each performance makes different demands on the technical crew and late night work is often a feature of this aspect of the Festival.

The personal touch of this role forms the signature of The Bermuda Festival and all the artists carry away a positive view of the Island, based on the happy relationships they develop with their hosts. It requires commitment to a group of artists for the duration of their stay, usually a period of 3-5 days and involves being assigned to a group of people who drive the artists to and from the airport, hotel, rehearsals, performances etc. and arrange a simple potluck type supper party, after one of the performances, The timetable is worked out to accommodate would-be volunteers who have full time jobs. This is a great way to get to know the artists on a personal basis and lifelong friendships have been formed!

The House Manager and Ushers are responsible for checking tickets and ensuring that audience members are seated in good time for the start of the performance, so that the curtain can go up promptly. Volunteers are expected to arrive up to an hour before the performance and remain until afterwards to ensure that the theatre is empty and ready for the next performance.

Proof-readers are required for all publications relating to the Festival. They are needed spasmodically from June to February. No previous experience required, but a good command of English and spelling would be helpful!

The office would benefit greatly from volunteer help, throughout the year, with archival work, envelope stuffing, deliveries to hotels etc. No experience necessary and a good chance to catch up with the festival news.

This is an opportunity for you to tell us how you can help – we need to know your skills so that we can call on you when we are looking for specific assistance – flower arrangers, linguists, computer techies, back-up drivers, musicians, cooks, boat owners, journalists and more make up our database – why not add your skills?