Hana Bushara, opened the Nobuntu show in 2020. Her incredible talent and individuality was apparent instantly. It was incredible to see how far she had come since winning the 2019 Heather Nova Singer Song Writer competition. Now she has made another incredible leap, using Covid as a time to elevate her creativity. We checked in to see what she has been up to since February.

“So many things have happened since my performance on the Festival stage in February. The week after  I returned to the U.S, just days after the concert, it was announced that most universities in the country would be shutting down. Despite the calamity of this year, I have been privileged enough to have developed a much stronger sense of self, which has contributed to my creative endeavors and also helped me navigate the circumstances that 2020 has presented me. I remained on campus for the majority of the summer. While here, I wrote a number of songs and even co-wrote and released one with a very musically talented friend of mine. I have felt the most creative these past months. I’ve been writing more consistently, speaking with other musicians, and being more intentional about the relationships I foster with those around me.

This is the most at peace I’ve felt in a long time which has been a guiding light creatively. I’m really excited to return to the island to share some of the ramblings of my mind I’ve crystallized in song form. Next year I plan to pursue a Masters in London where I will be developing some of my passions and skill-set in research, and I am looking forward to the prospect of making more music in such a vibrant city.  I will hopefully be back in Bermuda next May and look forward to meeting more Bermudian musicians, and sharing my music with my beautiful home.” 

Check out Hana’s new music video, Space and Time. You can also view some of her “ramblings crystalized in song form” on her Instagram.