Bermuda Festival Finalists Announced

44th Annual Bermuda Festival is pleased announce the contestants of the 2nd Annual On Stage Competition – slated for February 6th, 2019.

Executive Director T.J. Armand said;

“Once again, we were blown away by the many talents of Bermudian youth and it was a difficult decision-making process to determine the finalists. I would like to thank our judges Robert Edwards from The Wall street Band, Gita Blakeney Saltus, Sheila Smith, Powergirl Trina, Heather Nova and Savvy Entertainment for their time and enthusiasm. It will be a great show!”

Here are the finalists:

The Violin Sisters : Naphisa Smith (17) and Sari Smith (14)

Massassi Smith (14)

NeKoda Bascome (15)

Some Rhythm For Ya : Sam Webel (14) Clark Jeffrey (14), Gareth Cooper (14)

Thomas Evans (14)

The Struggles : Lizzie Luckashvili (17), Cassie Furtado (16), Lauren Mendes (17) and Ava Rosser (13)

Sediq Simons (18).


Hana Bushara (19)


On February 6th, The Wall Street Band will be the host band of the competition along with Heather Nova, Sheila Smith and Gita Blakeney-Saltus as the judges. Each year, performers (ages 11-19) audition for Bermuda Festival’s On stage Competition. Successful applicants are then invited to perform live for a panel of jurors of which the finalists are selected to compete in front of a live audience. The winner of the performance competition will perform as an opening act of a featured Festival participant and will also receive $1500!

The winner of the Heather Nova Songwriting Competition will be coached by the internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter and will perform with her on February 22nd and 23rd as part of her concert programme for the Festival. Heather Nova, in keeping with the Festival’s #SheIsArt theme, will present a dynamic acoustic evening showcasing a selection of her own material, as well as covers by prominent women songwriters such as Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Kate Bush, Nina Simone and Madonna

Tickets and Info for 2nd Annual On Stage Competition:

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