“Come Together” and let’s celebrate the 45th Annual Bermuda Festival

The Bermuda Festival of the Performing Arts is pleased to announce its theme for the 45th Annual Bermuda Festival, from January 17 – March 14, 2020: “Come Together”. Festival Chairman, David Skinner explained the thinking behind it: “We wanted a theme that would reflect unity and collaboration.In an increasingly polarized world, we recognize the power of the performing arts in bringing people together and we thought this theme would be timely and would convey that message.”

The Festival also announced a new proposal process for all artists who wish to be considered for a performance slot in either the 2020 or 2021 Festivals.  Mr. Skinner explained: “The Festival receives hundreds of submissions every year from overseas based artists, members of the public and even visitors to Bermuda who attend the Festival.  Our office team along with the Programming Advisory Committee diligently review these submissions and seek to include as many local artists as possible in each upcoming year’s programme.  We recognize, with pride, that there is world class talent emanating from our own shores as evidenced by the number of Bermudians over the years who have gone on to develop brilliant internationally acclaimed careers in the performing arts.  It is difficult in Bermuda to get the type of exposure needed to develop one’s talent and skills in these areas, and the Festival wants to encourage local artists to put their best foot forward. We hope that standardizing and publishing the criteria for selection will help”.

Mr. Skinner continued: “The Festival will have potential openings for artists within three categories:  headline acts, opening acts and pre-show acts, i.e. the latter being performances in the lobby or foyer before the theatre opens each night.”   The submission process will require all prospective artists to submit a written proposal together with supplemental information, and the detailed requirements and criteria upon which their proposals will be evaluated will be made available by sending an email to  or by calling the Festival office 295-1291”.