The Phantoms of the Opera Are Here

A group of performers who made their name in the iconic role of The Phantom of the Opera will come together on the Bermuda stage.

The Four Phantoms — Brent Barrett, John Cudia, Franc D’Ambrosio and Ciarán Sheehan — will perform today and tomorrow as part of the Bermuda Festival.

Mr Barrett was excited at the opportunity to take the stage in Bermuda with his friends.

He said: “We have had a few changes in the last few years, but I love these guys.

“They are all very dedicated to what they do and, after a while, you just want to work with people who you like and leave the drama for when you are performing.”

Mr Barrett was invited to join the group after runs as the Phantom in Las Vegas and Germany.

He said: “Of us, I am probably the one who has done the show the least.

“I wasn’t part of the group that did it for many, many years, but when people look through the shows I have done over the past 30 years, its always the role that stands out.”

The character of the Phantom — a figure who haunts an opera house with his face hidden behind a half mask — has become one of the most iconic roles in the world of musical theatre.

Mr Barrett said: “The show still has a lot of mystique to it, and the role of the Phantom is a beautiful role.”

He said that he quickly became friends with his fellow Phantoms and the group collaborates well with each other.

Mr Barrett said: “We are all very different vocally, but we know the requirements and what it takes to do a show eight times a week.

“We have all been around for a long time, so we have a shared appreciation for all of what it takes to survive in this business.

“I think we bring that respect and experience to the stage with us.”

He added: “As we worked on the material, we shifted around so everyone is comfortable.

“These are not guys who have anything to prove and it really has been a wonderful working relationship.”

Mr Barrett said the show features a range of songs from The Phantom of the Opera and other musicals, with a blend of four-part harmonies and solo performances.

The four will also be joined on stage by Kelly Ann Voorhees, the youngest actress to play Christine in the Broadway production of The Phantom of the Opera.

The group will also meet schoolchildren while on the island as part of the Bermuda Festival’s outreach programme.

• The Four Phantoms will perform at the Mid-Ocean Amphitheatre at the Fairmont Southampton today and tomorrow. Performances begin at 8pm and tickets are available at