Zimbabwean Group to Give Sculptured Show

Zimbabwean sculptor Peter Chikumbiriki, left, with the Bermudian art collector Dusty Hind (Photograph supplied)

A Zimbabwean vocal group due to take to the stage tonight will be joined by a reminder of home.

The all-woman a cappella quintet Nobuntu will perform alongside three pieces of Zimbabwean sculpture loaned by Dusty Hind, curator of the Crisson Hind Gallery on Front Street in Hamilton.

Mr Hind, who attended a reception last night to welcome the group to the island, said the artworks were created by “genius” sculptor Peter Chikumbiriki.

Mr Hind said: “He is one of the two leading artists in Zimbabwe. We’ve worked together for 18 years. I have many of his pieces in the gallery.”

The solid stone sculptures weigh between 300 and 400 pounds each. Mr Hind said: “There is a very large warrior head flanked by two dancing girls.”

The head was carved from veridite stone and the dancers were sculpted from cobalt stone.

One depicts a jiti dancer playing a drum and the other wears Zulu headgear.

Mr Hind has visited Zimbabwe, in southern Africa, since 1998.

Nobuntu will perform tonight and tomorrow in the Mid Ocean Amphitheatre of the Fairmont Southampton hotel as part of the Bermuda Festival. The performances start at 8pm.

Cindy Campbell, the executive director of the festival, hopes the presence of the artworks will “add to the group’s feeling of being welcome”.

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