Naturally 7

Naturally 7’s musical journey spans from Michael Bublé, Coldplay, Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock, Phil Collins and Mahalia Jackson through to Queen … and it’s guaranteed there are no instruments – just voices. They are a band without a band and they call their music “vocalplay”- making beatboxing look like child’s play! With their rich harmonies, an unbelievable ability to replicate instruments, what they do is far more than a-cappella. Naturally 7, the first VocalPlay group ever, will amaze and charm you as they do with audiences whenever they perform.


OPENING ACT: MASSASSI (Winner of the Festival’s 2019 On Stage Competition)

Saturday, January 18


Fairmont Southampton Hotel (Mid-Ocean Amphitheatre)

Friday, January 17


Fairmont Southampton Hotel (Mid-Ocean Amphitheatre)

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