Covid Statement

It seems a bit surreal to be writing about the Bermuda Festival at a time when we are all trying to come to grips with what the COVID-19 virus means to our lives, our businesses and our community in general. The global coronavirus pandemic seems to have overtaken life as we knew it only a few short months ago. 

The challenges ahead

Even as we steadily move through the reopening of Bermuda there remains a lot of uncertainty about the future regarding indoor audiences, international travel and many other issues.  With a significant lead time to plan each year’s Festival, we are asking ourselves when it will be possible to present the next festival and how we sustain the organization until then?  At this time, the Festival Board has determined it would not be possible to present a Festival during the traditional January-March time frame. We are considering the possibility of starting a little later in the year, and much will depend on factors beyond our control at present. We will have more information in the coming months as the Covid 19 situation in Bermuda becomes clearer. 

We need your input and support

As a supporter of the Festival we value your opinion. We would like to hear your views on our tentative plans, and you can contact us at

Financially, the charity that underpins the Bermuda Festival depends upon ticket sales and sponsorships to sustain itself.  Even after significantly reducing expenses, a baseline level of funding is required to maintain a minimum level of operation until conditions permit us to resume in full.     

The performing arts have an important role to play in providing a prism through which to process and understand the multiple challenges we have all been facing. Art has always helped shape and reshape how we think of ourselves and will help now to pull through the threads that unite us as human beings in a globally shared experience.   

We look forward to when we can see you again.  In the meantime, look after each other and stay safe. 

If you would like to support us and help us meet the reduced administrative costs of sustaining the Festival please visit our donation page.