Our Sponsors

By supporting the Festival you are not only helping bring varied cultural shows to Bermuda, you are helping to provide significant Outreach Programmes for students and seniors which give them an opportunity to interact with professional performers and various art forms which are not available in Bermuda.

Corporate Sponsors

Individual Sponsors

Jim and Debbie Butterfield
Philip Barnett
Carol and Mitchell Blaser
John and Jean Campbell
Cindy and Ron Campbell
John Charman
Vincent and Natalie Chaves
Ian and Felicite Davidson
Bitten Dill
David Ezekiel
Richard Humphreys and Patricia Ellison

Terry and Mary Faulkenberry
Lady Lully Gibbons
Richard Klein
Lars and Kitty Knudsen
John and Annarita Marion
Tom and Beth Miller
Conchita Ming
Robin Mayor
Terry Reynolds and Wendi Moore
Linda O’Shea

Barrie Trimingham and David Pierson
Graham C. PewterBob and Pauline Richards
David and Dianne Skinner
Michael Whittall and Michael Spurling
Roger and Nancy Thompson
Michael Hammer & Clare Warburton
Richard and Mary Winchell
Lynne and Sinclair Woolridge

Grants and Foundations