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For the past 46 years the Bermuda Festival of the Performing arts has offered a range of performances each year by a diverse selection of highly talented local and international artists. Due to the potential of ongoing Governmental restrictions, the Bermuda Festival will not be producing live shows in 2021. Instead, it will offer a series of virtual programmes, free of charge, which can uplift and provide islanders a “mental escape”, in these challenging times.   


The Bermuda Festival is now seeking applications from performers for virtual programmes of approximately 40-minute duration.  Priority will be given to programmes featuring professional Bermudian performers both in Bermuda and abroad.  To make the programme more personal to the Bermuda audience, we would like to include a short interview between the Festival and the Artist which may be pre-recorded or live-streamed, to talk about their performancecareer or other interesting and engaging topic as part of the virtual experience. 

The Festival is flexible as to the format of the artist’s programme and will be using a streaming platform to enable interviews, live stream and pre-recorded materials to be shown.  We don’t want to ‘box you into’ a format that won’t work for you – so tell us what you want to do and create something that is unique so the audience will want to tune in.  We are looking for multiple genres: music, dance, classical, jazz, spoken word, etc.  For example, one possible format is 15 min. of new material, 15 min of a compilation of your favourite performances from the past, 10 min interview(s).

  1. We want high quality visual performances, so please no smart phone videos.
  2. Pre-recorded videos: Please ensure that you have good lighting and good sound. If you are part of a group, it would be very beneficial to have someone act as your director to make sure that everyone is in the shot and can been seen. Even as an individual, you want someone to make sure you are in the centre of the shot.
  3. Compilation videos should be of good quality both visually and sound. It could be a single compilation or a series of videos which you can talk back and forth with the MC.
  4. Live stream: Please ensure that you have good lighting and good sound equipment.
  5. MC interviews will be part of every show, these are meant to be casual and engaging.
  6. For livestream and interviews it is important that your computer is plugged directly into a network to avoid any potential bandwidth interference from other wifi users.


Please fill out the talent application form below. 
(There is the ability to upload documents at the end of this application)