Virtual Bermuda Festival Announces Line-Up

The Bermuda Festival of the Performing Arts announced that this year’s virtual festival will feature a number of talented Bermudian artists – spanning music, dance, spoken word and more — and they will be broadcast from May to December and will be free for everyone to stream online.

The featured artists will include Jonathan Christopher, Da’Khari Love, Taylor Rankin, Yesha Townsend, Arielle Lee Ming, Krystal Lowe, Malachi Simmons, Rikkai Scott, Tiffany Paynter, Lana Young, Rajai Denbrook, Anssi Saarinen, Constance Ridley Smith, and Michael Taylor.

A spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Festival is excited to announce the Virtual Festival 2021 which will feature 14 Bermudian artists from six different countries including Bermuda, Canada, USA, Wales, Switzerland, and England.

“In addition, the Festival will present the play, Wings of Courage by the American theatre company Mad River Theatre. The virtual performances will also feature four classical piano concerts as part of the Bermuda Piano Festival under the artistic direction of Alex Tuchman. The featured pianists are from the USA, Tibilisi Georgia, Seoul South Korea, and Mexico.

“Virtual performances will air from May to December and will be free for everyone to stream. The public can both view the lineup of shows and access those shows, when they air, through the Festival’s website

Executive Director, Cindy Campbell says, “The Festival felt that it was in a unique position to provide a mental break to the community during these challenging times. The performing arts can help sooth our souls and provide a needed escape.”

“In continuing its mission to Entertain, Educate and Inspire the Festival is very happy that it is still able to provide Outreach programmes to Bermuda’s youth this coming fall.

“All the outreach sessions will be conducted virtually, and the programmes will include both video samples along with interactive sessions between artists and students. Outreach artists will include various performers – some of whom are scheduled for the 2022 Festival.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, The Bermuda Festival’s objective was to survive until it could once again provide live shows. Thanks to the generosity of Foundation, Corporate and Individual donors, the Festival is able to produce this Virtual Festival. for 2021.

“The performing artist community has been struggling and for the most part has been unable to perform for over a year. Events such as this Virtual Festival are important not only to provide relief and an escape for the public but also work for the Artists who have been trying to figure out how to survive and what to do next.”