We, at the Bermuda Festival believe that through the medium of the performing arts we can break down barriers, build bridges and celebrate the performing arts together.  

What is the Bermuda Festival Outreach Programme?

For the past 46 years, the Bermuda Festival has been hosting between 10-15 shows per year. The artists that are part of these shows are professionals in different performing art forms – music, theatre, dance, etc. – who have incredible knowledge to share. Each year outreach sessions are specifically designed to provide an exciting programme for Bermuda’s youth and seniors to learn from these artists. Outreach sessions are offered to all public, private and home school students from primary to senior schools along with seniors. All the outreach sessions are offered free of charge, thanks to the support of our sponsors. 

You might ask, what does this all look like and how does it work?

Outreach sessions are organized by the Bermuda Festival in collaboration with local schools and seniors’ centres. Each artist in collaboration with the Bermuda Festival creates (up to) an hour-long session for a designated age group. The Bermuda Festival works with each artist to determine the focus of each session. Each outreach session is unique, for example: A masterclass for advanced violin students with a world-renowned violinist, or a vocal class with high school students led by an artist who grew up in Bermuda but now works on Broadway, a sing along for primary school students with a Jazz musician, or a dance class focusing on traditional African dance. The look in a student’s eyes when being coached by and receiving praise from a world class artist is as rewarding as it is unforgettable. 

Outreach in the time of Covid

In 2021 our outreach program will look very different from what we have done in the past. All our outreach sessions will be held virtually. The Festival will work with schools around the island to organize the sessions in the Fall/Winter of 2021. A veriety of artists from all around the world will host the sessions. More information about each session and the schedule will be communicated with the schools directly.  

Annual OnStage and Heather Nove Singer/Song Writer Competitions

Each year, we hold dozens of island wide auditions to select youth performers. They will undergo professional mentorship and training with well-known local performers in preparation for the competition in front of a live audience. 

Due to Covid the 4th Annual OnStage Competition has been postponed. We look forward to the next round of auditions hopefully in the Spring of 2022.